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Choosing Colors For Your Wedding

The colour palette or the theme is a combination of colours or variations of a single colour used in various ways throughout your wedding day. Colours bind the different elements of your wedding, from your wedding invites to table linens and decor, flowers, your wedding attire, and even the cake design. Some go to the extent of pairing the colour of return gifts and cocktails. A distinct colour palette creates a cohesive wedding theme. Matching colours is much more than coordinated cutlery or dresses. It is a beautiful way to create the vibe of your special day. Colours can create different moods, airy, romantic with pastels, dramatic with jewel tones and regal with purple and red. Choosing your wedding colours may not be easy and it’s hard to narrow down your list, especially when you consider picking a monochrome, muted or metallic palette. Take your time deciding on the scheme because a consistent colour palette is one detail that everyone will remember and more so if it brings your love story to life.

How to choose the theme color?

Weddings and colors are inseparable but to make a statement you have to think of unique combinations. The choice of colors depends on factors that include your wedding season, the event and aesthetics. Your choice might also depend on the popular wedding colors at the time.

The big fat Indian weddings with their vivid celebrations and festivities traditionally exhibit marigolds, jasmines and greens. Red, white, and orange have been associated with wedding festivities all over the country. However, with the global influences and new trends, color preferences have also changed.

Setting aside majority choices, traditions and rules, you may craft your wedding theme with quirky color pairings. However, you do need to consider venue, season, mood and style, personal preferences, color wheel, and trending colors.

Color Wheel To The Rescue

As with any artwork, maintaining harmony in combinations is basic. It is easy to do so, if you go by the color wheel, pairing cool and warm tones,(for example, terracotta orange and sky blue). Anyone with minimum knowledge will tell you that complimentary hues are opposites across from each other on the color wheel. Another way is to use similar colors together, like those that share a primary color ( peacock blue and sage green, or lilac and blush).

You may also choose a bright basic colour and pair it with a neutral hue.

Scout For A Complimentary Venue

Start thinking about the theme and color along with the location of the venue. Once you decide on your dream color palette look around for spaces that can be given interesting makeovers. You can think of outdoor areas like river fronts, gardens, or even warehouses. Open spaces allow you the freedom to play with different setups of your wedding vision and really personalize the space. Reimagine the decor of the wedding hall and mix and match with carpets, wall decor, and light fixtures.

Mood Of the Matter

Colors can create vibes, moods, and ambience and have a huge impact on your special day. Bright Pinks, Turquoise, Reds, Yellows, and Orange hues are happy colors adding a fun element. But if you wish for some classic colors with a timeless appeal, we would suggest tones like navy blue, black, ivory and metallic silver or gold. Take a moment to imagine which style and theme you would like for your special day and leave it to the florists.

Colors And Changing Seasons.

Take a cue from Mother Nature and combine your wedding colors to reflect the time of year when you say “I do.” You can create unique styles with different combos. Rosy hues create accents of Spring, while purples with jewel undertones are great for the autumn mood. Silver combined with soft mauves creates a winter theme.

Trust Your Personal Color Choice

If you are still undecided about color combinations, go by your gut feeling. Think of the colors you have always been comfortable wearing. Choose colors that lift your mood and the colors you like in your wardrobe, accessories and surroundings.

Choose from Trending Wedding Colors

Like fashion trends, color trends change from year to year. If metallic gold was the hot choice in 2021, metallic gold, the trending color for 2022, will be full of bright colors, including green, peachy pink and Very Peri, the Pantone Color of the Year.

Versatile Wedding Colors

Notwithstanding personal choices, trending choices and rule books for wedding colors, versatile wedding colors work year-round. You can never go wrong with evergreen colors, especially when you pair them with accent colors or metallic tones. Event Majors style consultants suggest that colors like neutral earthy hues, golden and grey palette, black, green, navy blue with silver, and Lilac purple paired with deep burgundy could be all-season colors.

Get Inspired by Colors of India

The big fat Indian wedding exhibits a myriad bouquet of rainbow hues. You can get eye-catching inspiration from the Indian colors, including shades of yellow and bright pinks or choose the Peach and Blue combination. Weddings are all about colors, lights and bling- Gold and black could be a stunning color palette for a luxe look. Indian wedding attire showcases the radiant hues of amethyst, ruby, aquamarine and topaz to create a lively palette. Your theme can combine all these lovely colors for that vibrant Indian feel.

Different colour combos, different vibes

Here is a list of trending color pairings and the vibes that go with them:
Silver and Cobalt: Polished party vibe creating energetic ambience with a hint of sparkle.
White and Yellow: Yellow interrupts the serenity of white and adds the right pop of vibrancy.
Ombré Pinks: Pink is always a romantic color, and different hues of pink together are stunning.
Purple and Burgundy: Colors for luxe and royal charm.
Shades of Blue: Blues in different shades, teals, turquoise, aqua, Prussian, cobalt, sky or a classic blue and
white will be breathtaking.
Tangerine colors, oranges, and yellows unfailingly create stunning themes. Whatever you choose, remember to incorporate the combination into a million things – from the background, seating arrangement, and the altar/mandap to the centerpieces.
Our suggestion would be the classic Red, gold and green for Indian weddings.

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