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Elevating wedding decor with flowers

Wedding decor is unimaginable without flowers, whether it is in Indian weddings or anywhere else globally. Among the latest wedding trends, numerous ways flower decoration help to amp up your wedding décor.

Flower decorators create themes, impact, elevate and transform ambience during events by using flower power. Simple to ornate flower arrangements elevate wedding decor. Floral displays like hanging flowers as chandeliers, covering entire walls, or creating floating flower displays create cheer in mundane places.

Flower decor choices and styles have come a long way from centrepieces and traditional bouquets to carry, boutonnières to fasten, and petals are thrown by the flower girls. Today, flower decor is essential and part of wedding decor. Each wedding decor professional uses creativity and innovation to create new designs that go way beyond garlands, mandaps, wreaths, table arrangements, clutches, lapel accessories, and tosses.

For every ceremony and reception, florists decorate with exquisite blossom-inspired looks, including the menu items, the dance floor, the banquet hall, the seating and non-centrepiece
décor. Women can go floral with fashion—bridal gowns and statement accessories that draw inspiration from flowers everywhere. New ways to elevate decor could include floral stationery, flowerbedecked walls, flower arches, and flower crowns—you name it.

Event Majors florists suggest some beautiful decor ideas for using flowers creatively in your wedding.

Wall Backdrop Full Of Fresh Flowers

Wall backdrops decorated with fresh flowers have gained popularity at weddings. Almost all flowers look good on walls, from traditional mogras and marigolds to exotic orchids. Wall decor is widely trending in weddings for absolutely stunning entrance décor and stage backdrops for couples.

Our suggestion is all-white simplicity with Orchids or stunning Red Roses for a wow effect.

Cascading Floral Chandeliers

Create cascading vibrancy with colorful flowers or a single color for the dangling strings of flowers from a tree branch. Break the monotony with flowers tied to small glass jars, and you have the perfect floral display for a rustic wedding. For traditional Indian vibes, select marigolds and mogras or jasmine. Couples are opting for sunflowers, daisies and hyacinths, while roses remain all time favourites.

Another eye-catching makeover can be created by wrapping wreaths of flowers around chandeliers and placing them against the solid-colored backdrop. Mesmerizing cascades of flowers from ceilings at the entrance, a mandap or stage, and the walkways look gorgeous both daytime and evenings. Flower strings covering the roof and the walls bring a European feel and create a beautiful ambience.

Aisle With Flowers

Carpets and walking down the aisle to the altar are Christian weddings tradition, but flowers can take it up a notch, making the walkway stunning and trendy. Decor artists have stupendous ways that include flowers in your wedding decoration.

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Trendy Flower Decoration for the Mandap

Mandaps with a traditional canopy style or four pillars marking the area can get a makeover with beautiful fresh flowers, floral branches or a combination of flowers with leaves. Mandaps are a focal point and become the cynosure of all eyes.

Floral Entrance Decor

Entrances to wedding halls look mesmerizing with vivid blooms. With drapes and origami décor becoming passe, it is time to embrace flowers.

You can be extravagant with exotic flowers or get a minimal look with simple arrangements transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Ornamental Flowers for Eclectic decor

The big fat Indian weddings translate to extravagance, glamour and grandeur. Hence, the flower decor is always stunning and elaborate.

Decoration ideas can include ornamental figurines, like peacocks, elephants, sconces, and lotus, evergreen elements in Indian weddings. Bright flowerbedecked wedding motifs are sure to leave you spellbound with their beauty.

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Indoor Decoration During Weddings

Weddings and marigolds are a match made in heaven. Create sunshine hues by overlying your entire house with marigold festoons, a part of Indian weddings and festivals for ages. Orange and bright yellow flowers can be stringed into thick garlands or scattered in petals.

Beautiful marigold wreaths or floating arrangements add the right element of cheer around the house.

Stage Decoration for Couples

The stage becomes all-important during wedding receptions or other related ceremonies. Attractive styles with foliage hoops, garlands, and chandeliers are popular in stage backdrops. Event Majors decor artists suggest using layers of one color for that oomph. Floral arches and chandeliers are attractive options for stunning stage makeovers. Marigolds are better for a simple backdrop because they are bright and easy on your pocket. Millennial couples opt for full-coverage flower walls that include a variety of lighting setups, an assortment of flowers and neon signs.

Monochrome Magic Wall Decor

All whites, stunning reds or soft pastels make a monochrome floral wall decoration, including white flowers, peonies, roses, and gardenias for a theatrical backdrop bringing it all to life and making pictures impressive.

Yellow for the Haldi ceremony.

A Haldi ceremony will call for bright yellow flowers for that sunshine hue interspersed with white mogras, yellow marigolds, and sunflowers are a millennial style of floral wall decor you will find at weddings.

There are myriad ways to add beauty to wedding decor with flowers.
The Event Majors team suggests an all-white backdrop for stage walls to enhance the bright lehengas and bejewelled sherwani for stunning photoshoots. Photo booths and corner panels with flower decor turn out a hit because of their attractive appeal.

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