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Wedding Budget Tips: Things to Consider

Weddings, children’s education, and the family’s reputation go hand in hand in India. Generations across the length and breadth of the country break all bars to splurge on a gorgeous wedding for the sake of family name and social standing. However, to have a relatively good wedding with all the unavoidable elements of flamboyance, one needs to set a budget for investment and plan in advance.

Even if one forgets about arranging an extravagant wedding, a sensible plan within an affordable budget is essential. The wedding planner should cover every facet of your wedding. Remember enchanting decor, beautiful wedding attire, an expert catering service, photographers, and gifts come with a hefty price tag.

Here are some wedding budget tips with a breakdown of things to consider and plan:

1. Wedding Budget Planning

Creating an intelligent budget structure is most important to having a successful budget wedding. Glamour and prestige factors make or break the wedding budget. There are the all-important big-budget factors that need focus and tiny expenses that crop up during the days that follow.

One of the crucial factors for the budget is the wedding date since the peak wedding season in India is during the chillier months following Diwali – November, December, January, February and April. June and July see fewer weddings, so to keep your costs down, get married during the off-season months.

Secondly, the number and scale of events, including sangeet, mehndi, wedding ceremony and reception, are the deciding factors for total costs. Ditch unnecessary events or club them to reduce cost and time. Choose to have small events at home and plan the rest of the events in one place.

2. Reduce your Guest List

Forget about the more, the merrier belief and create a rational list keeping your guest list to the minimum. It is intelligent to select close relatives and friends instead of inviting 800 guests. More guests add up to more spending. Hence keep your budget at bay by keeping a tight leash around your guest list.

3. The Venue

Think twice before selecting fancy luxurious lawns with a hefty price tag for your wedding. You could cut down costs by booking local banquet halls or hotel ballrooms in advance.

Venues closer to your home or the community hall at your apartment are cost-saving choices. You could arrange the celebration at a farmhouse and save precious funds. Choosing venues that are a shorter distance from your residence could reduce transportation bills and be comfortable. If you are on a tight budget, be ruthless about striking off destination wedding venues from your list.

4. Catering: Focus on Quality

Good food, good friends and ambience make good weddings in our culture. However, you need not get caterers with exotic dishes from global cuisines. For a good meal, stick to the basics and stress food quality. It would not be wise to cut down the budget and get low-quality tasteless food since food is the most talked about at any wedding. Remember that to save your reputation and prestige of the wedding. The caterer should have quality recommendations and guarantee good food. A menu that includes everything from appetisers to desserts without compromising taste should be on your priority list.

5. Décor Dilemna

Theme wedding decor and the race to stand out among the seasons weddings is what couples and youngsters think first. However, simplicity, coordination and good management of guests should be your priority instead of a themed decor. Cutting down on décor will let you spend more on essential factors. You can have a creative wedding theme at minimal costs if you choose a cost-effective venue like a banquet hall. It is sensible to hire local decorators and choose decor items sourced locally. DIY decor with eco-friendly items is a big hit with conscious couples, and it is friendly on your pockets too. You can reduce costs by opting for simple table decor and minimal arrangements for the mandap and entre area.

6. Less Flowers or More?

Flowers and weddings go together. Decor never seems complete without flower garlands. However, to have a budget wedding, you must set limits on using flowers. It is not unnecessary to buy off-season flowers for your theme decor when beautiful flowers can be sourced locally for the same. The first rule is to say no to off-season fruit or flowers if you wish to have a pocket-friendly wedding.

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7. Control your Shopping Mania

Every girl dreams of being a diva at her wedding and wishes to have the best in Wedding clothes, jewellery, and other trousseau items. However it is better to assess your financial standing – how much you have, how much more you need, and what wedding finance options you have. We would suggest that you can spend wisely and be creative with wedding outfits. Choosing to wear old heirloom sarees and jewellery pieces is a welcome trend and cost-effective. If you plan a wedding at the end of the year, why wait till the last few months?

Start your shopping beforehand and buy your wedding attire in an Off-season. You will appreciate how much you can save on discounts from your loved brands. You can also reduce costs on jewellery by wearing selected gold ornaments and mingling them with artificial costume jewellery.

8. Hire a Planner

A wedding budget, poor knowledge of where to go shopping, and lack of time can confuse you. We at Event Majors have the required resources to help you have a stress-free wedding. For
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If you need a personal planner for shopping and everything else, hire our eventmajors planner who knows the nooks and crannies of arranging such fancy occasions, is well aware of the costs of arrangements and can customise your need within the itinerary.

A wedding coordinator can plan, channel funds and connect you with the right vendors for a grand budget wedding.

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9. Honeymoon Plans

If you have a budget wedding, you can save enough to plan for a honeymoon. You can take expert advice from a good wedding planner who can suggest ways to cut down costs without compromising on quality and save you from throwing your money around.

However, there are more ways to use the saved amounts apart from going on a honeymoon. Be creative and splurge on unwinding at a detox resort or save for that dream home you want.

To sum up, you should keep the following things in mind before you start planning for your wedding:
1. Choices according to their importance.
2. Cut down on your cost and allocate a percentage to each category.
3. Choose a venue that allows outside catering services.
4. Stay away from boutique hotels and book venues on the outskirts.
5. Have the wedding during an offseason
6. Have multiple functions at the same venue
7. Ditch venues and have a simple ceremony at a temple or farmhouse.

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